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A new commercial project hub awaits at the Noida-Greater Noida region

A new commercial project hub awaits at the Noida-Greater Noida region


Gone are the days when the twin cities Noida and Greater Noida were just a region for an affordable residential investment opportunity, they are now booming as a hub for commercial projects.

The average monthly rental price of office space in Gurgaon is Rs 88 per sq ft whereas, the price starts at Rs 55 per sq. ft in Noida. This gives an edge to these cities over their counterparts like Gurgaon and Delhi.

According to the industry experts, Noida is the third-largest office market space after Bangalore and Hyderabad. This being said, Indian real-estate is very dynamic and Noida being an affordable hub has attracted many developers. A 20 percent share of the annual leasing volume is held by Noida alone across the country.

The experts opine that investments in Noida are going to reap high benefits in the long-term. The reason behind this prediction is the developing phase of this city. Most of the IT companies are already planning to shift to Noida due to lower lease and rentals but high productivity and returns.

An expansion in metro availability is a significant explanation behind individuals to design their investments in Noida. Additionally, road availability of Noida to other NCR districts and Delhi is exceptionally proficient and successful.

The popular commercial hub in Noida starting at now are sec 132, 134, and 140. Every one of them being close to the expressway.

Noida is progressing at a fast rate and every so often another feature is added to its key highlights. The ongoing opening of the Musical fountain in sec 91 and the free passage is attracting a significant footfall. This news came soon after the declaration of India’s biggest film city in Noida.

However, these advancements have not hampered the moderateness of this city. An ongoing advancement came after Bhutani Infra reported the venture of 16 million sq. ft office spaces in the coming scarcely any years. Every one of them being moderate ventures.

The presence of the Jewar air terminal has pulled in heaps of homebuyers and expanded the requirement for shopping centers and other infrastructural facilities. This consequently improves the requirement for office spaces as Generation X is about ‘walk-to-work.’ The developers already have inventory that is waiting for the potential investors.

The development of metro stations for the expanded network, Jewar air terminal, and the development of India’s biggest Film City will pull in heaps of homebuyers and commercial space investors.

Consequently, the interest in office spaces in Noida and Greater Noida will go up soon.

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Barter System: A trend emerging again in Real-estate

Barter System: A trend emerging again in Real-estate


Barter system has been used in a major part of our history. It is the basis of our modern trading system, and the building foundation of the way we transact nowadays.

It is a very simple concept in which two parties are involved in a trade where the exchange goods which are useful and needed by both. For example: if a person, ‘A’ has wheat then he will be searching for someone who is in need of this commodity and can exchange it with, say pulses, which is required by person, ‘A’.

When he finds this person the exchange of commodities or Barter happens. In layman’s language we can say barter system is a form of trade where two parties exchange a commodity or goods and no monetary transaction is involved. It’s all about meeting each other’s necessity.

If we go in depth then the modern age buying and selling is also a barter system where one exchanges a commodity for fulfilling their requirement of money. We can say that barter system is the necessity for our day to day functioning.

However, how it can be imbibed in real-estate?

In realty space it is not a new concept. It was already prevailing in this sector in one or the other way. In the year 2009 this trend was at its peak and now it has emerged again. The idea of barter system in Realty sector is to help customers find each other.

I would say even a developer is the customer. They want to trade properties or land in exchange for money which is later on used to invest in another property.

So for cutting short this process, the Barter system was introduced.

It is a three-way transaction involving party, ‘A’, a Developer and party, ‘B’.

Now the party, ‘A’ has a property which is a dead investment for them as it is not yielding any benefits, In fact, it is a liability as the owner has to spend a certain maintenance charge every month.

But, the person, ‘B’ is need of the same property and doesn’t, have enough money for investment. But, possesses a property which may be useless to him and fruitful to ‘A’. They both contact the developer to sell off their dead investments.

Here, the developer offers them a platform where they can simply exchange their dead investments without involving any monetary funds.

Another way to do it is exchanging your dead investment with the inventory that the developer holds and later on, he can sell off your dead investment. The idea of barter system is to help the consumers find an investment opportunity that will reap higher returns.

As they say the best investment one can make is on the land itself.

Barter can benefit investors in numerous ways. The major and most important advantage is getting an investment with a good ROI in exchange for a dead investment which is more of a liability and that without the involvement of monetary transactions.

In the end, I will say this is the trend which is emerging again and everyone must grab this opportunity and turn their liabilities to assets.

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Why you must invest in the real estate sector in 2020

Why you must invest in the real estate sector in 2020

Are you still waiting for the right investment opportunity in realty space to knock at your door? If yes, then 2020, is the time you have been waiting for.

Real estate is a sector that is no less than a game of poker. You never know what card might work in your favour. There are numerous permutations and combinations applied by both developers and investors before finalising the deal.

The nationwide lockdown affected lots of businesses, and a majority of the cash flow was disrupted. Still, the market leaders are speculating a rise ininvestment, with the 3 factors playing key roles, i.e Home prices, loan interest rates, and government taxes contributing to this decision are at the lowest.

It has been a proven fact that whenever economy hits a downfall the real-estate sector approaches a positive paradigm shift. The same is anticipated after this year’s economic recession.

The biggest question is why anyone must invest in the real estate sector in 2020. Here are the reasons:


Due to the pandemic followed by a lockdown every developer had enough time to re-think the strategies and bring lucrative changes into their business.

Consumers too had enough time to strategise their investment and budgets. Everyone is now aware of the ways they can move their assets and make new investments.

Prop-Tech solutions

The perspective of ‘properties can’t be sold online’ is gradually changing as consumers are now making themselves familiar with the prop-tech solutions like the virtual site visits.

This solution gained popularity in the lockdown. While everyone was at home, practising social distancing, virtually visiting the sites became feasible.

Everyone was fetching various opportunities to invest, and as we know, realty space was highly beneficial as technology enabled companies to see a good amount of traffic.

There are technological advancements being made every few days and one needs to stay updated with it. For example, the virtual site visits allow customers to walk through the properties without being physically present, yet giving them the same experience. Hence, it’s very important for every developer to have a digital presence.

Deals worth grabbing

The lockdown hampered the projects and created a vacuum between the unsold inventory and potential investors.

As the market is getting steady and consumers are now getting comfortable with the idea of virtual site visits and different technological advancements, developers are coming up with many lucrative deals to attract buyers.

Indians always knew the importance of having their own home. But with the chaos caused in this pandemic even millennials have realised this. Also, developers are now offering a plethora of deals and offers to attract newly formed target audiences.

The government too has reduced stamp duty to help people invest in real estate.

Coagulating all these factors we can say that everyone is doing their best to create investment opportunities in the realty sector and help the investors to achieve it.

Moving past plots and under-construction projects

The buyers are now moving forward from buying plots and under-construction projects because of their sore experiences in the past and the urgency. In today’s world everyone hates waiting, and this gave rise to customer’s interest in the ready to move-in properties. All major developers have many ready to move-in projects at lucrative rates.

However, if one is investing in ready to move-in residential space they don’t have to pay GST, and the home loan interest is pretty low.

There are many benefits of investing in ready to move-in, like you already know what your home will look like, there are easy EMI options, and the developers are quite flexible with the rates.

Rise in the commercial space investments

If one needs to comply with the new-normal, then co-working spaces are the solution for small and medium size companies. The anticipation that lockdown is hampering commercial space business is entirely wrong. In fact, all the companies are now planning to increase their office spaces in lieu of social distancing, the demand is going to rise.

The need of the hour is co-working space so that one can easily have flexible working conditions, and since the entire work-force is not coming to work businesses can save their cost-per-seat and still get world-class amenities.

The aforementioned factors are really having a positive effect on the customer and even if they are not looking for a home for residing then they are moving ahead with investment in commercial spaces.

Everyone wants to have an income-generating property, and the old-fashioned way of finding a tenant, and then generating rental income is fading away.

Why wait for tomorrow when today is the time for your investments to reap benefits?

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Are we really aware about the modern-age Real Estate investment?

Are we really aware about the modern-age Real Estate investment?

The developer will run away? Is the project even genuine? Are they going to deliver on time? Is my investment safe?

These are just few of the questions that every individual asks. There is a misbelief that investment in land is risky and commercial spaces are ‘not that beneficiary’.

Although it might have been true to an extent till a couple of years back. But, with constant changes in the laws and infrastructural developments, there is a dire need for keeping oneself updated with the technology.

Property-swap and technology is now an integral part of this sector. But, are people really aware? There is a major section of our society that is still unaware of these revolutions. Awareness is key for relevant counter-questions before making an investment.

Most of the clients i speak to, lack awareness about the RERA Act.

The Act was enrolled to safeguard the interests of the customers. It is applicable to both residential and commercial properties. RERA ID is the guarantee seal for the genuineness of the project.

Another misconception is that the commercial sector will not reap higher benefits.

But, commercial projects offer assured returns which is not possible for vacant land. It offers a long-term rental income. Developers are coming up with mouth watering marketing strategies, and offering opportunities to their customers.

Real-estate sector is also the second largest employment generator, and the sector can increase with more meaningful interaction between investors and developers.

The world is trying to decrease the labour force with use of robots and AI and its use in real estate has been implemented, although not many are aware. Live footage of projects shot by drone can be live streamed to the users.

As a developer, I personally believe that my audience must possess the right information. This will help us in longer run. It will cut short the time that we have to invest in making them understand the requirements and the solutions we provide to them.

A knowledgeable customer base will extend market opportunities too.

Currently, due to the lockdown, people now understand the importance of having an investment with great returns and low risk. From the year 2017 there has been no fraud by the developers. We need to update people, not just for them, but for ourselves too. If the customer will know the benefits beforehand we can invest that time in explaining them the USP.

Also, it will be able to build a trustworthy customer-developer relationship for future endeavours.

We can direct our marketing forces onto a direction of education. It won’t cost much but will reap assured benefits.

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Why it’s high time to be a prop-tech company

Why it’s high time to be a prop-tech company

Technology is no more a luxury, given the state of consumer needs in today’s scenario, it has become a necessity.

One of the first and foremost shots at success for any business is to keep up with the changing market demands.

Technology has overtaken even our daily tasks. Even the news-feeds have replaced the need for newspapers. Take a look around you, and our addiction to the digital world can easily be seen. However, the dire need of this sector emerged in the COVID-19 pandemic. The businesses with online setups thrived whereas others suffered huge losses due to the incapability of reaching out to their target audiences.

However, the real-estate sector was already amending ways by incorporating technology.

The Virtual office setup was a successful idea that is gaining popularity amongst millennials. However, this sector incorporated many innovations and technologies even before the lockdown was implemented.

Real-estate sector runs on the market predictions. It is very important to understand the market, one should know how the market fluctuates. Everyone in this industry will agree that it’s very rare for a customer to invest in a space online.

However, online presence matters a lot. One will always search for any litigation on the developer after word of mouth. Online reputation is very crucial to mend the bridge between expectations, insecurities, and realty.

The real revolution came during the pandemic. Since everyone is practising social distancing and staying back home, clients are looking for a new authentic way to lookout after the projects they have invested in. Having said that, these are the changes that the many sectors needs right now, but, the real-estate sector had already anticipated this urgency.

The use of a drone is a revolutionary step that helped in creating 3D and 2D plans of the terrain which are not possible to reach due to certain limitations. This also helped in virtual site visits for the clients and live footages from the comfort of their homes. Drones solved the major communication block by keeping clients in touch with every advancement.

Most of the companies are now using AI for understanding the algorithms and the search pattern of their target audiences. Most of the developers now have an online presence to accumulate and showcase the projects to hook the customers.

How can we miss the 3D printer? Many big brands have started printing 3D models of their projects. This helps in giving a better insight into the final project.

The experiments with Robotics and Cognitive Automation is at its peak and has replaced the labour force. If this becomes a cost-effective and successful experiment then those days are not far when the builders will start investing in this technology.

The world needs to comply with the ‘New-Normal’ and the global demand for introducing more consumer-friendly products.

Real estate needs to keep itself updated with changing trends and new technologies being introduced. Many prop-tech companies are now targeting their customer base with lucrative offers and apps.

Also, the new government policies are benefiting both consultants and customers. We admit that no one invests in a property online, but, they for sure have an impact on their mind while they surf the internet and do thorough research before the final face to face meetings.

This is the right time to be a technology-empowered company.

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